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Welcome to our Midwifery Practice ‘s-Hertogenbosch!

We are three midwifes namely, Ingeborg Spaargaren, Marit Klaren and Lotte Groen. We are maternity care professionals who provide complete primary care to women and their babies during pregnancy, labour, birth and the postpartum period. Our workarea is in s’-Hertogenbosch,including the city center, Engelen, Empel, Groote Wielen and Hintham.

We provide care in the entire region of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. We hold clinics at four locations and also every Thursday evening. We provide obstetric ultrasound scans. We aim to provide continuous care during labour. We also provide care for water births and also birthing with the use of our birthing stool. Not pregnant yet, but thinking about it? We can give you advice.

This website contains information about us, about the pregnancy and some do’s and don’t’s. It has also information on prenatal screening, prenatal check ups, the delivery itself, and the postpartum period. However most of the information on this site is in Dutch. We did add external links to English language information.

To contact us, you can fill in this application form or call us at 073-6419339 (available all week days).